Un’ intervista ad Ascanio Celestini

Designers : Tania Ferrari, Rita Petrilli, Graziana Saccente, Gianpiero Spinelli
Partner : IUAV University of Venice
Tutor : Leonardo Sonnoli
Year : 2012

Ascanio Celestini is an actor, film director, writer and italian playwright. The work consists of two volumes, the result of an interview with Ascanio Celestini on 29th October 2011 at the Ferrara theatre.The first book contains the full interview in which, rather like a storyteller, Ascanio discusses popular culture, philosophy, theatre, music, and a thousand other aspects of his life. The editing process involved imposing a structure on his narrative flow and identifying the four main themes that become the chapters of the volume. The black and red books use layout and notes to facilitate understanding of the concepts and the context.

Fifteen stories told by Ascanio Celestini during the interview make up the second red book. Except for the first of these, the stories have been freely rewritten, revised and according to theme.