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Annual Reports
Client : Fundación IBO 
Year : 2015-2017

Covers 2015 – 2016 -2017
Fundación IBO works to implement a socioeconomic development model that is both sustainable and reproducible across the Ibo district in Mozambique, through business-focussed project management in various areas, including: health, training and employability, sustainable tourism, promotion of economic activities, and gender equality. The Foundation’s vision is to help strengthen the socioeconomic fabric of the Ibo District, contributing to the area’s development in a thorough and inclusive way. The sustainability of the resources we use is always considered.
From the head office in Barcelona, I worked as Communication Manager contributing to the objective of the socioeconomic transformation of the Ibo region and prioritising the personal development of the individuals we work with.
My responsibilities have included managing the integrated marketing communication of the foundation, with the common goal of improving their global visibility through cross-media projects (report, web design, social media, fundraising campaign) and events, providing support to different departments within the organization itself.
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Index – Memoria 2015
Annual presentation of the founder
Infographic of geographical context of Ibo District
Annual projects – 2016
Annual economic results – infographic 2016
Annual visibility actions – 2017
Collaborators and solidarity actions
Solidarity Actions
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