Storie Disintegrate

Annual Report
Client : Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II
Design Studio : Lalalab
Year : 2012

During the period of work in the communication studio Lalalab, I designed an annual report commissioned by the center for social and cultural integration “Cacciatori di aquiloni”.
The research investigates the social condition of foreigner citizens in the district of Torre a Mare and Bari and the level of their cultural integration and their economic activity in our country. The report has been reinterpreted in order to make clear the scope of this report.

First Part | Data Visualization
First Part | Data Visualization

Storie Disintegrate has been divided into two parts. The first part is a quantitative analysis and it contains mostly infographics and annotations, explaining the type of immigrant, the average level of education, work and social relationships.
The second part, the qualitative analysis, becomes more discursive and contains interviews with the sample, diagrams and final conclusions on the subject.

Second Part | Quantitative Analysis
Second Part | Quantitative Analysis
Second Part | Content Analysis