I.M.E.S folding sofa

Designers : Luca Disimino, Grazia Patruno, Graziana Saccente, Paola Zigrino
Project : M/I/M Design District
Partners: Regione Basilicata, Politecnico di Milano, Studio Attolini
Year : 2011

Concept & Prototype Test

Concept & Prototype Test

The prototype has been replaced by panels of multilayer padded of dacron and finally covered by the fabric module guide, that allows the entire structure to be folded thanks to the double-stitched. The transformation of this semi-rigid strip is simple and intuitive and also allows to the user to experience its geometry. Despite its bony aspect, the comfort of the seat is not damaged.

I.M.E.S | Sofa Position

Invisible, Mimetic, Equilibrist, Sociable. I.M.E.S is a folding and versatile seat.
It becomes sofa or chaise longue overturning the idea of the interior space and reinterpreting the way to live the object.

I.M.E.S has been realized thanks to the project M/I/M with the aim to revitalize the industrial district of furniture in Basilicata (Italy). M/I/M was a design workshop with a multidisciplinary approach where people with different professional skills met, to build new design practices.

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