Designers : Rita Petrilli, Graziana Saccente
Partner : Iuav University of Venice
Tutor : Leonardo Sonnoli
Year : 2012

T his anthology is a collection of materials, texts and images on Futurism, the only avant-garde movement in Italy. The Futurists took care of all forms of expression: painting, sculpture, literature, music, architecture, theater.
The anthology, however, focuses on the typographic revolution carried out by the movement, and then on editorial production, particularly magazines and posters.

Section 1 | Manifesto of Futurism
Section 2 | Futurist magazines – Index

Through the study of these documents, which are considered objects of worship and not often available, the research try to reconstruct the most important steps of the Futurism, which start from the publication of the first manifesto to  the death of the founder Marinetti (1944).
The project concerns the graphic and typographic aspects in the Futurism, because the visual element was an integral part of the Futurist poetics with the content of their publications.

Section 2 | Futurist magazines – Index
Section 2 | Futurist magazines – Images archive

The book consists, therefore, of two main parts. The first is a collection of texts and informations about the history of some futuristic magazines and newspapers, while the second is a section of the main iconographic headings and logo.